Taking time for something good

I felt guilty going cross-country skiing today, instead of going to Copley Square or Logan Airport to protest Trump’s most recent outrage against American ideals and common decency (that would be the executive order on Friday targeting refugees and immigrants from select Muslim-majority countries…he’s done some horrifying stuff since then, but few people seem to […]

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Skiing, marching, skiing again

Here’s a very brief summary of my last six weeks: finished the fall semester (not even going to try to recap that), went home, Zach arrived, had roommate Kristine over for a few days before Christmas and went downhill skiing (and helped her get some exposure therapy for her fear of dogs), woke up Christmas […]

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Recipe: Oatmeal cookie variations

I’ve probably eaten more of these than any other cookie. The real beauty of these cookies that the recipe is┬ájust a template. You can add whatever dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, or other add-ins that you like. Just pick things that go well together (Mom sent me some interesting ones with craisins, orange zest, chocolate, and […]

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Recipe: Tomato-sausage risotto

Risotto has been a family favorite dish for a long time, and this version is a great way to use Dad’s homegrown tomatoes (many of which he chops up and freezes in quart bags for year-round use). I liked this version so much that I put in in my family recipe compilation cookbook! Tomato and […]

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