Recipe: Maple spice biscotti

I haven’t baked anything in quite a long time, and I’ve been feeling the fall spirit lately (despite relatively warm weather), so I decided to make a cinnamon-spiced treat. Googling “spelt biscotti” led me to a vegan gingerbread version that sounded good (linked below). Since I didn’t have ground cloves or blackstrap molasses, I opted […]

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Science funding (rant alert!)

The Trump administration released its first budget outline today. As far as I have been able to keep track, here are the proposed budget changes for science funding by agency: NIH: -18% to science funding DOE: -20% to science funding NOAA: -17% overall + elimination of one of their main research programs EPA: -31% overall […]

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Taking time for something good

I felt guilty going cross-country skiing today, instead of going to Copley Square or Logan Airport to protest Trump’s most recent outrage against American ideals and common decency (that would be the executive order on Friday targeting refugees and immigrants from select Muslim-majority countries…he’s done some horrifying stuff since then, but few people seem to […]

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