Fun with family

True to form, it’s taken me quite a while to post another life update. Since an estimated 50% of the readership of this blog is my mom (Hi, Mom!), and I just got back from a visit to Utah, it hardly seems necessary…but I have a lot of pictures to share before they get filed […]

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Recipe: Fluffernutter toast

This is practically not a recipe, just a whim inspired by the delightfully-named, almost-official state sandwich of Massachusetts. I was getting more peanut butter at the grocery store and saw marshmallow fluff in the same aisle for 50 cents a jar. I first saw fluffernutters (if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s a peanut […]

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Fun with friends

Okay, as promised, the post-move-in update: I’m out of the dorm and into a nice summer sublet in eastern Cambridge, about a 15 minute walk/5 minute bike from work. I’m not posting a lot of pictures of the place because I want to respect the privacy of the usual tenants. My favorite features are the […]

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Back to “real life…”

This was titled “probably post-finals update” for a long time, because I (correctly) assumed I wouldn’t have the time to write anything between the last post and after finals. It’s been nearly a week since I finished my take-homes and I’ve been eagerly settling into full-time lab work. I’m writing this paragraph as we attempt […]

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A long-overdue update

An explanation for my blogging absence: apparently there was some WordPress security problem where people visiting certain WordPress sites that had been targeted by hackers were exposed to some pretty nasty malware. I haven’t seen anything about it recently, and it was months ago, in January, so I assume the issue is fixed. As is […]

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Recipe: Choco-mint balls

This uncreatively-titled recipe was something I came across when I was digging through my Mom’s old recipe box (the one full of weird 60’s recipes that she made as a teenager), working on compiling family recipes for my bookbinding project. I didn’t include it in the book because I’d never made them before, but was […]

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