Training: 7/19-7/21

Tues, 7/19: 30 min strength, 30 min very easy distance (hike) Wed, 7/20: 1 hr easy distance (bike; Dry Creek+Bobsled) Thurs, 7/21: 1.5 hr warmup+bounding (20x level 3-4, 5x sprint), 45 min skate technique @ Sugarhouse with Pete Vordenberg and Simi Hamilton (awesome!)

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Training: 7/14-7/18

July 14: 1 hr easy distance run with fartleks July 15: 30 min str/weights (upper body) July 16: Sprint to the Summit 12k (ish) run/race/TT (Summit Park) Time: 1:36     Place: 1st in 0-29F, 3rd overall F     Compared to last time: unknown Comments: Should have gone harder, didn’t work out pacing as well as I should […]

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An in-depth look at sidequests

Note: these are my opinions as a player of games, not a developer or any sort of professional. Playing Knights of the Old Republic got me thinking about BioWare’s other hit RPG-sort-of-thing, Mass Effect. Their storylines both have an epic/space opera feel, and the dialogue system is quite similar, with KotOR‘s Light/Neutral/Dark options being replaced by […]

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Training: 7/11-7/13

Monday, 7/11: 1.5 hr skate rollerski (by gated community), warmup + 10x speeds (about 30-45 seconds) Tuesday, 7/12: 1.5 hr classic rollerski (Terrace Hills), warmup + 10 VO2 max (2 min) intervals up hill Wednesday, 7/13: 1 hr plyometrics (Popperton Park)

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