My 2014 resolution reading list

Starting on 19 December 2013, according to my journal, I’ve been keeping track of all the books I read for fun (i.e. no assigned reading). This was immediately following a couple of long lists entitled, “Books to Read” and “Comic Books & Graphic Novels to Read;” the general idea I had was that I didn’t […]

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Recipe: Roman stuffed dates

I bought an entire pound of fresh¬†(!) dates at the market square to use in my Moroccan carrot and chickpea salad. The salad only calls for 1/3 cup of dried dates, which I elected to interpret as 1/2 cup fresh dates because of the reduced sweetness, but that left me with a few extras (even […]

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Eye of the storm

So titled because the week before this last one was really busy and the upcoming week will be even busier, but last week felt like a bit of a breather (until I found out that I have to do a set of measurements that took me 2 weeks the last time around in the next […]

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Recipe: Simpler banana pancakes

I was really culinarily spoiled living at home over the summer, with access to a nice kitchen full of gadgets (chocolate buckwheat cake would not be as good without an electric mixer to beat the eggs until they’re nice and fluffy), a well-stocked pantry (I miss spelt flour and black beans), and more fresh produce […]

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Recipes to make/try while home

This is mostly a note to myself, but maybe other readers of the blog can find some cooking inspiration here as well. I basically was trying to think of things that require ingredients or equipment that I don’t have in Cambridge, are seasonally appropriate, and/or would be good for a family or party but I […]

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Dusting off the ol’ soapbox

If you’re not interested in a little social justice-y rant, I invite you to¬†otherwise educate yourself by watching MinutePhysics on Youtube. Here’s a good video explaining antimatter. Actually, no. If you’re not interested in social justice, you should read this, because I’m going to try to explain why you should be. Guys, gals, students (particularly […]

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