So it begins…

The main thing that happened this week was that I started going to the lab, which is really exciting! Although it is still early (i.e. Fresher’s Week is next week, and Full Term begins the week after that) and I haven’t completed the university-mandated safety training, I have been allowed to start learning how to […]

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First days in Cambridge

This is more or less the view that greeted me when my taxi pulled up to the Porter’s Lodge at Churchill College (you may not be able to read the sign in the photo). After a long day and night of traveling (highlight: nobody next to me on the plane to London, so I got to […]

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In transit

Sitting in the Atlanta airport right now, extremely grateful for 2-hour connections (so I had time to get off the train a few terminals early and stretch my legs walking to my gate), gate-check-to-your-final-destination (allowing me to walk around carrying just my purse, a small backpack, my Moosilauke Ravine Lodge hoodie, and the bike helmet […]

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The most overwhelming feelings I have right now, after a day in which I went on a bike ride with my brother, fixed my rain jacket, inventoried tomatoes, did a lot of dishes, made a batch of granola, did more dishes, met with one of my former research advisers, got some groceries, realized that I […]

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Recipe: Almond-crisped peaches

Here’s yet another recipe that comes mostly courtesy of Smitten Kitchen (it’s one of my favorite food blogs, in case that wasn’t obvious). I enjoyed making these last summer as a healthy-ish treat; I’m convinced that you end up with a higher fruit-to-topping ratio when you do peach crisp this way instead of using sliced peaches, […]

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