TV: Doctor Who

Disclaimer (in case there are any Doctor Who fans that read this): I have only seen the first three and three-quarters seasons of the new Doctor Who, as well as the first episode of the original show. I don’t know how Matt Smith is as the titular character, but I’ve heard he’s great. Also, spoilers […]

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FBI stumped, seeks amateur help

So apparently, in good old 1999, 41-year-old Ricky McCormick was found dead in a field near St. Louis, Missouri. The only clue? Two scraps of paper in the dead man’s pocket, covered in letters and numbers grouped together. After 12 years of the best (official) cryptanalysts in the country trying to crack the code, the FBI […]

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Web Original: Nostalgia Critic

I feel kind of strange writing a critique of a critic, but so it goes. Also, I’ve got nothing on this guy. He’s pretty funny, and generally makes good points, and although I disagree with his analyses sometimes, I can usually see where he’s coming from. The Nostalgia Critic is the Internet alias of Doug […]

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As you might have noticed, I didn’t post anything last week. That’s because it was spring break, and I didn’t have access to a computer half the time. But I’m back now, and I have lots of new things to post about for spring term, so stay tuned!

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