Hi. I’m Laurel Anderson. I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2014 with a B.A. in physics, and then headed off to Cambridge University for an MPhil in the same. Now, I’m at Harvard for a Ph.D. in you-guess-what. Apart from science, I like cross-country skiing, hiking, cooking, reading all kinds of books, lots of geek/nerd stuff, Shakespeare, modern dance, writing, and my hometown of Salt Lake City, among other things.

The content on this blog will vary a lot depending on my whims and what I’ve been doing at the moment. Summer 2014, for example, has a lot of recipes, because it was the first extended period of time I had spent with a kitchen since I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy at the end of last summer, and I wanted to record my successes and failures in wheat-free cooking so I would have something to refer to when I really started cooking on my own. I have a lot of old training log posts, but I stopped those because I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to read them. When I moved to England, I kept posting my everyday recipes, and used this as a way to keep my friends and family in states updated on what I was doing. Now that I’m at Harvard, I’ve decided to scale back the frequency of posting; it was getting to be more stress than it was really worth. However, I’m still planning to keep updating this blog periodically, so don’t stop checking! (Or you can just sign up for emails whenever I have a new post.)

Why oddgallimaufry? When I started this blog in the winter of my freshman year at Dartmouth, I had been looking through lists of weird and obscure words, just for fun. I wanted a name that would capture the wide variety of topics I planned to address in my posts, and “gallimaufry, n. : a confused jumble or medley of things” fit the bill nicely. “Odd” is an appropriate intensifier; and besides, I’m a bit odd myself.

Better cut this off before it gets too pretentious. I hope you find something to interest or amuse you. If nothing else, I highly recommend trying yeast-risen waffles, wheat or no wheat.

Edited September 2014: I’ve kept the original “About” stuff below, but since it’s woefully out of date (e.g., I am no longer a freshman at Dartmouth College) and I’m no longer planning to keep this blog secret from people I know, I thought a new introduction was in order.


I don’t know exactly why I decided to start a blog. I guess I needed somewhere besides my many, many notebooks to spew the random stuff that comes out of my head. My roommate assures me I’m no crazier than normal, at least. Stuff to expect: opinions on things I’ve seen recently (movies, plays, etc), life, games, and stuff I think is cool, essentially.

Since this is a public blog, I’ll keep the posting of personal information to a minimum. I’m currently a freshman (or ’14, as they say here) at Dartmouth College, thinking of studying physics but with a broad range of interests and a tendency to say “incidentally.”

I’m not expecting to have enough readership for this to be a problem, but please try to keep any discourse in the comments civilized and grammatically correct. I will make the same effort in my posts, and I apologize for sounding like a 9th grade English teacher sometimes. At some point, I will inevitably use swearwords if I get worked up about something or if I’m quoting something. Feel free to be mildly shocked.

That’s all I can think of right now. Welcome to the weird world of me.


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