Recipe: Rhubarb-orange jam

I came home to Salt Lake City to find Dad’s farming bounty just starting to get going. We don’t have any squash yet, and there are only a few ripe tomatoes per day (the ones I’ve had so far were awesome), but the lettuce and arugula are doing quite well. The crop that was seemed to be […]

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Last days in Cambridge

I’m posting this from a laptop charging station in the Minneapolis airport. Since I got up at 5 this morning in Cambridge, it’s already been a very long day and it’s only 3:45 pm (right now) in Salt Lake City. Just got to power through another few hours in the airport, a few more hours […]

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Recipe: Chocolate hobnobs

I wanted to make something for my lab on my last day at work, and the best option for using up my oats and spelt flour seemed to be this classic British biscuit. I could have made these as normal digestive biscuits, but everyone knows that the chocolate-dipped version is better. Fun fact: apparently, the chocolate is […]

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Yesterday, I took my first day off in a couple of weeks (to be fair, I did spend the week before that particular work-crunch in Scotland) to see my friend Nina from Dartmouth, who spent the year studying classics at Oxford on the same scholarship that I have. It was really great to see her […]

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I sur-viva-ed!

I promise the title is the last time I’ll use that terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist the easy out for naming this post. I had my viva last Friday, which was terrifying before the fact but actually quite nice in the end. (For those not in the UK, the viva voce is the oral defense […]

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Recipe: Citrus-sesame soba

I’m in full-on “use up everything in the pantry” mode, and it’s been really hot out recently. Between those two facts, I knew was time for a nice cold soba dish. The last time I cooked soba, it was one of my favorite dinners I’ve made in Cambridge. For this version, I wanted to be […]

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