First Year Families

I just had a wonderful dinner with my suitemates and some floormates and their families, as well as very interesting conversation and a lot of drawing with someone’s little sister and petting of the dog. Now back to work… Advertisements

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Dartmouth Rude Mechanicals

…is a student-run theater group at Dartmouth that does Shakespeare! I love Shakespeare. Their current play, Hamlet, is tonight and tomorrow at Brace Commons at 5pm. It was excellent: a pretty minimalist production in many ways, but they make excellent use of the space and the acting is generally top-notch. I would normally write more, but I’m tired. Consider […]

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Music: Jeremy Soule and others

As you probably know, I love me some epic music. One obvious source for epic music is  movie soundtracks, particularly for Lord of the Rings,  Chronicles of Narnia or Star Wars. Many composers of movie music have become household names: Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, and of course John Williams spring to mind. And holy shit, do […]

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DOC Trips

I’m a trip leader for DOC pre-orientation 1st year trips for the class of 2015!!!! J66 = harder hiking (hiking 3) is my trip and section, and I’m very excited, as can be seen from the exclamation points. Now to get my shit together…

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…to Ida Sargent, who is on the US SKI TEAM!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Training note: I’ve been sick, hence the lack of training log. Today: 45 min strength and run @gym [Featured image:]

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