Skiing, marching, skiing again

Here’s a very brief summary of my last six weeks: finished the fall semester (not even going to try to recap that), went home, Zach arrived, had roommate Kristine over for a few days before Christmas and went downhill skiing (and helped her get some exposure therapy for her fear of dogs), woke up Christmas morning to the beginning of the snowiest Christmas Day in 100 years in Utah, parents arrived from a two-week hiking trip in Patagonia, Todd arrived from visiting Anabelle’s family in Kentucky, we all went skiing a whole lot for a few weeks, I came back to Cambridge and worked on a lot of research stuff, finally hosted the AMAZING Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics held at Harvard (WOO!), did more research work, attended the Boston Women’s March for America yesterday (also pretty cool!), and spent the day cross-country skiing on a few of Waterville Valley’s 62k of groomed trails (not bad for how warm it’s been in New England).

I only have pictures of about half of that…but they’re more interesting than a blow-by-blow recap anyway, so here we go!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wish I had pictures of skiing today, especially the creek-jumping parts, but I was having too much fun to pull out my phone.

Ending on a more serious note: I’m pretty concerned about the direction the country seems to be headed. I’m also so incredibly privileged that I probably won’t be directly hurt by the changes this new administration is planning to make, at least not for a while. So I’m asking my friends (particularly the ones who live close to me, but everybody in my life can participate) to help me stay active in fighting the good fight(s) and remind me to listen to and amplify the voices of those who are marginalized and ignored.

That’s it for now. Best wishes for everyone in 2017.


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