Recipe: Choco-mint balls

This uncreatively-titled recipe was something I came across when I was digging through my Mom’s old recipe box (the one full of weird 60’s recipes that she made as a teenager), working on compiling family recipes for my bookbinding project. I didn’t include it in the book because I’d never made them before, but was […]

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Five years of random thoughts

WordPress informs me that this is my five-year blogging anniversary! Five whole years since I decided to make a weirdly-named website that I definitely wouldn’t share with any of my friends…I’m pretty sure the first time anybody read it (anybody that was actually looking for my blog, that is) was because I mentioned to my […]

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Recipe: Roadkill bread

This is a classic Dad recipe: looks a bit of a mess, tastes pretty good. On top of that, it’s perfect for using up leftovers from the fridge, it’s almost as good reheated as fresh, only gets 2 pans dirty (3 if you count whatever you use to melt the butter in…or you could use […]

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