Serving suggestion: Greek yogurt, fresh berries, maple syrup, and sunrise.


Alpha-omega granola
Apple-cheddar scones
Banana buckwheat pancakes (original version)
Banana pancakes: simple version
Blackberry honeycakes
Carrot cake muffins (GF) with honey-cheese spread
Earl Grey teacakes
Fluffernutter toast
Free-for-all granola
Harvard one-pan granola
Honey-ginger cream scones
Overnight oats
Overnight spelt waffles
Pecan cinnamon rolls (Grandma A.’s recipe, almost)
Rustic lemon-lavender teabread
Sour cream muffins
Zucchini bread



Airy spelt dinner rolls
Boules de spelt
No-knead Dutch oven bread
Pita (whole-grain spelt)
Quick spelt pizza dough
Simple spelt bread
Spelt cornbread
Spelt focaccia
Thin-crust spelt pizza dough
Whole spelt tortillas

The precursor recipe: a whole chicken stuffed with lemon, garlic, and herbs, roasted with onions, butternut squash, and potatoes. SO GOOD.

Main course:

Beef and squash tagine
Beef fajitas
Black bean and butternut soup
Brown rice paella with chicken
Buckwheat and oat risotto primavera
Caramelized onion, pepper, and mushroom mac & cheese
Chicken and broccoli pasta bake
Chicken arrabbiata
Chicken souvlaki
Citrus-sesame soba
Coconut-braised kale and lentils with lemon
Cuban-style oats
Curry-roasted squash and chickpeas
Dornish dolmas
Easy vegan chili
French lentil and spinach soup
Ginger fried rice with egg
Ginger-orange beef stir-fry
Greek chicken tomato sauce
Greek-style stuffed peppers
Lamb kefte with yogurt sauce
Laura Moon’s chili
Lazy black beans
Leftover-stuffed peppers
Lentil soup with chestnuts and fennel
Lentil soup with cumin and coriander
Maple-roasted vegetables with venison
Miso marinade for pork (or chicken)
Mexican chicken buckwheat casserole
Moroccan chicken, squash, and chickpea stew
Provencal tomato soup with fennel (and seafood)
Quasi-cock-a-leekie soup
Quick spelt pizza dough
Rainbow soup (Asian chicken noodle soup)
Red lentil curry soup
Roadkill bread
Roasted chicken and butternut squash
Roasted teriyaki mushrooms and eggplant with broccolini soba
Scrap chicken/vegetable stock
Slow-cooker Moosewood ratatouille
Spanish “migas
Squash and kale risotto
Stuffed acorn squash
Tomato-fennel soup
Tomato-sausage risotto
Yogurt chicken tikka masala


Sauces, salads, and sides:

Bibimbap sauce
Caramelized onion relish
Chili-spiced bean salad
Crisp black bean salad
Haydari (Turkish yogurt sauce)
Honey-mustard roasted Brussels sprouts
Lime cabbage slaw
Moroccan carrot and chickpea kale salad
Oven-roasted plaintain
Pan-cooked fennel and cherry tomatoes
Quick crispy Brussels sprouts (with Asian-inspired sauce)
Radish and fennel spring bean salad
Rhubarb-orange jam
Roasted butternut squash with fresh cranberries
Tamari-braised kale with shichimi togarashi
Tandoori-spiced cauliflower

I think the stencil is as impressive as the cake!


Almond-crisped peaches
Baked apples with oatmeal, brown sugar, and raisins
Bittersweet orange cake
British toffee bars
Candied ginger
Cherry-almond crisp
Chewy triple-ginger cookies
Chili chocolate cookies
Chocolate buckwheat cake
Chocolate chunk biscotti
Chocolate hobnobs
Choco-mint balls
Easy chocolate sauce
Everyday chocolate cupcakes
Ginger peach crumble
Grandma A.’s Rice Krispie treats
Maple oatmeal (raisin) cookies
Maple spice biscotti
Moist spelt chocolate cake
Moosewood ricotta cheesecake
Oatmeal cookie variations
Roman stuffed dates
Spelt spiced snickerdoodles
Ten-minute vegan chocolate cake
Thin oat & ginger cookies
Ukrainian Easter cake
Whole spelt chocolate chip cookies (and version two)


Hot chocolate three ways
Gingerbread hot cocoa
London Fog
Modern lemonsweet
Turmeric lassi


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