Taking time for something good

I felt guilty going cross-country skiing today, instead of going to Copley Square or Logan Airport to protest Trump’s most recent outrage against American ideals and common decency (that would be the executive order on Friday targeting refugees and immigrants from select Muslim-majority countries…he’s done some horrifying stuff since then, but few people seem to […]

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Finishing up and home again

After Thanksgiving, I had a few final problem sets and lectures to finish up before finals. Still had time for a little bit of enjoyment of the flurry of lights, decorations, and holiday events in and around Cambridge. The main things on my mind for the last few weeks have been my take-home exams. I’d […]

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The biggest smiles

I don’t remember much about Torin’s memorial service at Dartmouth, but the flashes I have are vivid: Prof. Mueller recalling a recent email he’d received, saying “Here ya go” ┬áin his heavy accent. The bone-crushing grip of one of my teammate’s hands in mine. Realizing that I had no idea he liked Hemingway, and wondering […]

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Oberstdorf Tour de Ski

Again, this is a mostly-pictures post. I took a plane from Salt Lake City to Munich, arriving on the morning of January 2nd. From there a few trains took me to Blaichach, a small town in Bavaria that had rooms free in an outdoor center when Elise and I were looking to book somewhere to […]

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Home sweet home

As you may have noticed, I took a vacation from blogging during the last few weeks. I didn’t mean to, exactly, but I was much busier than expected and decided that spending time with my family and friends was more important than recording it immediately on the computer. (Hence my simultaneous near-total absence from Facebook.) […]

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Busybusybusy. Lots of work. Lots of training. Parents visiting = behind on homework. Long overdistance on Sunday = less time for homework. On the plus side, I’m keeping up with my nightly strength program. I’ll try to update with full training info for the last week or so after crunch time is over. Here’s a […]

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Training: Nightly strength program

After a less-than-stellar performance in the upper-body component of the fall 11 strength test (pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, box jumps, dips), I’ve decided to go back to a variation on my high school strength program. I used to just do sit-ups (or some variation thereon) and push-ups every night, raising the number every week. Now, I’m […]

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