Recipe: Tomato-fennel soup

This was adapted from both the linked recipe from the New York Times and my hazy recollection of a soup I made in England but apparently failed to post the recipe for on the blog. My reasons for making it back then can essentially be boiled down to: “I want an excuse to have a […]

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Recipe: Harvard one-pan granola

This is the result of me re-scaling my original granola recipes to fit the single sheet pan I have in my dorm at Harvard, and the available ingredients. I’ve gone with the apparently more common method of adding the dried fruit at the end to prevent burning (which eliminates the previously necessary step of pre-soaking […]

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Recipe: Apple-cheddar scones

As Dartmouth’s Homecoming weekend comes to a close, I could list many things I miss about my undergrad alma mater. I enjoyed hiking Franconia with freshmen, training and chilling out with the ski team, petting Mike Silverman’s adorable dogs between homework problems, long conversations on random topics with floormates and friends. Food-wise, I miss Collis […]

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