A long-overdue update

An explanation for my blogging absence: apparently there was some WordPress security problem where people visiting certain WordPress sites that had been targeted by hackers were exposed to some pretty nasty malware. I haven’t seen anything about it recently, and it was months ago, in January, so I assume the issue is fixed. As is […]

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Trying to write

Going to college did a lot of great things for me. I met a lot of absolutely wonderful people, I had the privilege of training with one of the best collegiate cross-country ski teams in the country, I ended up going to London, Greece, and Turkey and seeing and experiencing hundreds of amazing things there […]

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Wow! It’s been quite a while since I posted anything. Not for lack of ski training or video games or books to talk about, just because of this whole “work” think compounded with spending time with friends and family in real life while I still can. And by that I mean “while I’m still in […]

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