Recipe: Red lentil curry soup

I had a hankering for lentil soup, but I didn’t want to just make one of the versions I’ve done before (good as they are). So I kind of mashed my lentil-spinach and curry-lentil soups together, with some help from Google to find an actual base recipe. I omitted the cilantro from the original. I […]

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Recipe: Maple spice biscotti

I haven’t baked anything in quite a long time, and I’ve been feeling the fall spirit lately (despite relatively warm weather), so I decided to make a cinnamon-spiced treat. Googling “spelt biscotti” led me to a vegan gingerbread version that sounded good (linked below). Since I didn’t have ground cloves or blackstrap molasses, I opted […]

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Recipe: Oatmeal cookie variations

I’ve probably eaten more of these than any other cookie. The real beauty of these cookies that the recipe is┬ájust a template. You can add whatever dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, or other add-ins that you like. Just pick things that go well together (Mom sent me some interesting ones with craisins, orange zest, chocolate, and […]

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