Books, old and new

This is mostly about books I’ve read recently, but a few recent conversations with my dad reminded me of a few older ones that I felt like writing about. So: The Magicians, by Lev Grossman I had just started reading this when I wrote the last post about books, after seeing it on various lists of must-read […]

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Recipe: Cherry-almond crisp

This is a relatively easy summer (or any time of year) dessert that I’ve made several times in the last few months, but never with an entirely consistent recipe or while taking photos. This version turned out pretty well, I think. Almonds complement stone fruit like cherries, apricots, and peaches very nicely, so having them […]

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Recipe: Simple spelt bread

I ran out of bread again, and rather than buy some at the store, I decided to try making my own again. This time, I decided to use a popular recipe intended for spelt flour rather than modifying a wheat bread recipe, hoping that the result would be a lighter loaf (my crusty boules were very […]

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Cool words

Just wanted to share a cool (for a very particular definition of cool) website I found a while ago and have been browsing sections of occasionally: The Phrontistery, a resource for weird and rare words (the name comes from Greek and means “thinking place”). Here are a few of my favorites: ipsographic (adj., recorded use […]

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