Theater: RENT and other things

Holy crap, I really haven’t been following that whole “post once per day” goal I set for myself at all, have I? Oh well, I have something much more important to talk about, namely RENT. If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably one of my roommates, in which case you know almost everything I’m about […]

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Sir Orfeo

We readyn ofte and fynde y-wryte, As clerkes don us to wyte, The layes that ben of harpyng Ben y-founde of noble thing. Sum are of weal and some of woe, And sum of joy and merthe also, Sum of trechery and sum of gyle, And sum of happes that fallen by whyle, Sum of […]

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Ode to Joy

What an awesome piece of music. Despite being incredibly famous, a lot of people dismiss it as a childish or silly piece because it’s one of the first and simplest melodies that most instrumental musicians learn. I know I had to sit through endless renditions of it when my brothers were learning to play guitar […]

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Top Ten: Naruto weirdness

This originally started as “Why (a lot of) anime is (kind of) fucked up,” but eventually I realized that, well, that’s what makes it so appealing in a lot of ways; the worlds of anime (their “chronotope” if you will…yes, I am learning things in my English class)  is a totally different place where different rules […]

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