Recipe: Fluffernutter toast

This is practically not a recipe, just a whim inspired by the delightfully-named, almost-official state sandwich of Massachusetts. I was getting more peanut butter at the grocery store and saw marshmallow fluff in the same aisle for 50 cents a jar. I first saw fluffernutters (if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s a peanut […]

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Recipe: Apple-cheddar scones

As Dartmouth’s Homecoming weekend comes to a close, I could list many things I miss about my undergrad alma mater. I enjoyed hiking Franconia with freshmen, training and chilling out with the ski team, petting Mike Silverman’s adorable dogs between homework problems, long conversations on random topics with floormates and friends. Food-wise, I miss Collis […]

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Roses and thorns

When I lived with a bunch of Nordic skiers in D House (just down the hill from the Green), we would occasionally cook house dinners. This was always pretty fun, and one thing that sticks out in my mind is that one ’14, Natalie, would ask people to talk about their “roses and thorns” (you […]

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The biggest smiles

I don’t remember much about Torin’s memorial service at Dartmouth, but the flashes I have are vivid: Prof. Mueller recalling a recent email he’d received, saying “Here ya go” ¬†in his heavy accent. The bone-crushing grip of one of my teammate’s hands in mine. Realizing that I had no idea he liked Hemingway, and wondering […]

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Oberstdorf Tour de Ski

Again, this is a mostly-pictures post. I took a plane from Salt Lake City to Munich, arriving on the morning of January 2nd. From there a few trains took me to Blaichach, a small town in Bavaria that had rooms free in an outdoor center when Elise and I were looking to book somewhere to […]

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Haven’t been on in a while…

Here’s my thesis (I guess I’m going non-anonymous now…) to compensate: LEAthesisfinal¬†(Experimental control of spin chain dynamics) In other news: I will probably be abandoning this blog in favor of a new one before I start grad school. Hopefully I will actually update that one. It’s not settled where I’ll be yet, but I know […]

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