My problem with Dangerous Women

Warning: some spoilers for one story in Dangerous Women. When I saw, last December, that an entire mixed-genre anthology of stories called Dangerous Women was coming out, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, I was really excited. Here’s the promise of the anthology, from Dozois’ introduction: Here you’ll find no hapless victims…you will find sword-wielding women […]

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Recipe: Overnight spelt waffles

Between Vergil’s (Virgil’s?) Aeneid and Ursula K. LeGuin’s excellent-so-far take on it, Lavinia, I’ve been reading a lot about spelt recently. It’s an ancient species of wheat that doesn’t seem to give me the allergy problems of normal/modern wheat, so spelt flour has become a useful cooking ingredient for me in the last year. To celebrate (maybe […]

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Recipe: Free-for-all granola

There is no reason to buy granola. Ok, maybe if it comes with a yogurt cup and you’re in a real hurry. But big bags of granola? Don’t do it. Store-bought granola generally has a lot of fat and, apart from the fiber from the oats, not that much in the way of nutritional value. […]

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