Training: Nightly strength program

After a less-than-stellar performance in the upper-body component of the fall 11 strength test (pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, box jumps, dips), I’ve decided to go back to a variation on my high school strength program. I used to just do sit-ups (or some variation thereon) and push-ups every night, raising the number every week. Now, I’m […]

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I just found out that Gandalf/Legolas (erotic) fanfiction exists. I need to clean my brain out with soap now. [Featured image from]

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Comics: Batman: Hush

If you read my (overly long, sorry) post a few days ago, you know that I love Hush, mostly because it seems to encompass almost everything that “should” be in a Batman story. It’s also well-paced and drawn, and the twists in the tale are unexpected and exciting without feeling like they came straight from […]

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DOC Trips: Welcome Home

Leading J59, the “Psycho Hiking” first year pre-orientation DOC trip that goes over Franconia Ridge, was an indescribably amazing experience.¬† Trip leader training was inspiring, helpful and it really brought us together. The H Croo and Lodj Croo shows were amazing, my trippees were great, the weather was perfect, Vox Croo brought us “Tripsgiving” lunch […]

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I’m very excited. Can you tell? The weather around Franconia Ridge is predicted to be sunny with highs around 70 until Tuesday and Wednesday, when there’s a chance of rain. Hopefully we’ll have a clear view from the top of the ridge. Photo credit: Sam Page, ¬†“Mountaineering after the PhD” To help my trippees make […]

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