Sig Delt show

When: tonight Where: Sigma Delta sorority, Dartmouth College Groups: Taal (South Asian fusion a cappella), Casual Thursday (long form improv/comedy), Ceilidh Irish Dancers Taal had great performances from all of the freshman singers, with 4 interesting songs. One of these did not include any non-English lyrics, and I felt it was the weakest of the […]

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Training: Stowe Derby

AM: Stowe Derby! Downhill/XC 20k Place: 108 (started 377) overall, 4th in 16-19 age group Time: 1:05:52.7 Comments: Not feeling terribly healthy; also, use an inhaler next time. But the downhill went pretty well (only fell once).

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Film: The King’s Speech

This will be short, because I have a race tomorrow that I have to get up really early for. Colin Firth delivers a solid performance as George VI (“Bertie” to his family) with a speech impediment on the brink of WWII, Helena Bonham Carter is unusually normal as his wife, and Geoffrey Rush is an […]

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Internet: Anonymous

I’m sort of conflicted about this group. On the one hand, I’m generally in favor of free speech and freedom of information, and that seems to be their principal cause. Also, hacktivism is pretty damn cool in general. They get major points (from me) for their support of protests of the 2009 Iranian elections and […]

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