Passing time, fast and slow

Gah! Where did the weekend go?! I barely got anything done! Okay, I’m writing this at 9:30 AM, so I’ve actually got plenty of thesis-work time ahead of me for today. I didn’t get much writing done yesterday, instead focusing on all that normal-person life stuff that I’d been neglecting for way, way too long, […]

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Nearing the crunch…

I’m starting to feel a wee bit stressed at the prospect of finishing a draft of my thesis by the time my parents visit in mid-June. So far this weekend, my response to this stress has been baking muffins, going to the last MCR formal of the term, and procrastinating by writing this post. Okay, […]

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Recipe: Earl Grey teacakes

I was introduced to Earl Grey tea at a dryland ski training camp in high school, when I wanted a pre-rollerski perk-up and it was the only black tea we had at the cabin. Since then, it’s become one of my go-to morning drinks. Recipes for Earl Grey cookies (a la Smitten Kitchen, for example) […]

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Writing and rowing

Another busy couple of weeks! I was sick for about a week after coming back from Paris (actually, I was pretty sick¬†in Paris, which mostly manifested as losing my voice), but I’m mostly better now. I also did something sprain-y to my right wrist, which has made rowing and writing a bit of a pain. […]

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