Training: 6/15/11

AM: ~1 hr easy run + plyometrics/spenst (skiwalking, bounding, skate jumps, classic hops, horizontal distance jumps, vertical jumps) PM: ride back up the hill (~20 min), short abs and push ups

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On Slash

WARNING: This post is about slash fiction, which is fanfiction about gay sex and relationships. It will involve some discussion of the anatomy of various genetalia and as such is NSFW. I’ll mark it as mature if I remember, but if you’re underage or particularly innocent, you may want to skip this one. Trust me, […]

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Training: 6/14/11

We’re finally back on with a training schedule (sort of), and I’m definitely feeling it (in both  the “I’m psyched” sense and the “It hurts” sense. The extra 2 mile, steep hill commute to and from work every day doesn’t help either (especially because, when I got home, I hadn’t ridden a bike since I went to […]

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General life update

It’s been a while since I posted, partly because I kept editing the X-Men: First Class review when I was on the plane and didn’t get around actually putting it up, and partly because I was working on another post (mentioned at the end of that post) that will go up soon, and partly because […]

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Training: since 6/6/11

Monday 6/6/11: 1 hr strength, 15 min ski erg (lvl 2) at gym Tuesday 6/7/11: 1hr strength, 30 min run (lvl 3) Wednesday 6/8/11: on planes all day Thursday 6/9/11 : rest + 10 min abs and push ups Friday 6/10/11: short abs, push ups and 30 min run (lvl 2) Saturday 6/11/11: 1.25 hr […]

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