Recipe: Tomato-fennel soup

This was adapted from both the linked recipe from the New York Times and my hazy recollection of a soup I made in England but apparently failed to post the recipe for on the blog. My reasons for making it back then can essentially be boiled down to: “I want an excuse to have a […]

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Back from a break

As I gear up for classes at Harvard starting on Wednesday, I felt that I should give a little bit of an update of what I’ve been doing since I left Cambridge (UK)…mostly in pictures, because I’m lazy. Here goes!  

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Last days in Cambridge

I’m posting this from a laptop charging station in the Minneapolis airport. Since I got up at 5 this morning in Cambridge, it’s already been a very long day and it’s only 3:45 pm (right now) in Salt Lake City. Just got to power through another few hours in the airport, a few more hours […]

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Yesterday, I took my first day off in a couple of weeks (to be fair, I did spend the week before that particular work-crunch in Scotland) to see my friend Nina from Dartmouth, who spent the year studying classics at Oxford on the same scholarship that I have. It was really great to see her […]

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I sur-viva-ed!

I promise the title is the last time I’ll use that terrible pun, but I couldn’t resist the easy out for naming this post. I had my viva┬álast Friday, which was terrifying before the fact but actually quite nice in the end. (For those not in the UK, the viva voce is the oral defense […]

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Catch-update: Edinburgh

The first parts this update can be found here, then here, then here. After arriving back to our hotel in Ratho, we spent the next day exploring Edinburgh. My mom spent a year studying at the university there, so she had some good suggestions of things to do in this lovely city. We got up […]

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