Looking forward, looking back

A number of occurrences in the past week have gotten me thinking about the future. First of all (in the week, anyway, since it technically happened last week), I accepted the honor of being captain of W2 (the second women’s boat). This has meant a bit more extra logistical work than I anticipated (quite a bit […]

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Recipe: Chili-spiced bean salad

It’s quick, it’s nutritious, and it used up leftover ingredients  from my rainbow soup! I’ve taken this salad to work for lunch twice this week, so I thought I’d write down the recipe (mostly for my own future reference. I used black-eyed peas, but I think it would work equally well with black beans, chickpeas, kidney […]

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Book: The Martian (Andy Weir)

I read this book during my last few days at home over the winter break, and it’s been sticking in my head ever since. So, in the interest of productivity (getting it out of my head), here’s a quick review: READ IT. Okay, I can be a little more specific than that. I particularly recommend The […]

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Recipe: Rainbow soup

This is my answer to cold winter nights, long days at the lab, and craving something spicy, wholesome, and satisfying. I did a big grocery stock-up on Saturday, which involved me finally caving in and spending some money on cooking items I’ve wanted for a long time, like tamari and a big bottle of Sriracha. […]

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A well-earned meeting

I hate the title, but wasn’t sure how to combine “I worked in the lab a lot and finally got some good results in the last half-day of work” and “I went to a spintronics meeting in Prague!” in a pithy way. So yeah. Most of the pictures are from Prague. When I got back […]

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Basel and family

Okay, last episode of the winter vacation saga: I took an afternoon train from Oberstdorf through a lot of Bavaria (some trains were late, which meant I had to re-route through even more towns than expected and things took about an hour longer) to Basel, Switzerland, where my dad’s brother Bill and his family (Aunt […]

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