Taking time for something good

I felt guilty going cross-country skiing today, instead of going to Copley Square or Logan Airport to protest Trump’s most recent outrage against American ideals and common decency (that would be the executive order on Friday targeting refugees and immigrants from select Muslim-majority countries…he’s done some horrifying stuff since then, but few people seem to […]

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Skiing, marching, skiing again

Here’s a very brief summary of my last six weeks: finished the fall semester (not even going to try to recap that), went home, Zach arrived, had roommate Kristine over for a few days before Christmas and went downhill skiing (and helped her get some exposure therapy for her fear of dogs), woke up Christmas […]

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Fun with family

True to form, it’s taken me quite a while to post another life update. Since an estimated 50% of the readership of this blog is my mom (Hi, Mom!), and I just got back from a visit to Utah, it hardly seems necessary…but I have a lot of pictures to share before they get filed […]

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Fun with friends

Okay, as promised, the post-move-in update: I’m out of the dorm and into a nice summer sublet in eastern Cambridge, about a 15 minute walk/5 minute bike from work. I’m not posting a lot of pictures of the place because I want to respect the privacy of the usual tenants. My favorite features are the […]

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Back to “real life…”

This was titled “probably post-finals update” for a long time, because I (correctly) assumed I wouldn’t have the time to write anything between the last post and after finals. It’s been nearly a week since I finished my take-homes and I’ve been eagerly settling into full-time lab work. I’m writing this paragraph as we attempt […]

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A long-overdue update

An explanation for my blogging absence: apparently there was some WordPress security problem where people visiting certain WordPress sites that had been targeted by hackers were exposed to some pretty nasty malware. I haven’t seen anything about it recently, and it was months ago, in January, so I assume the issue is fixed. As is […]

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Five years of random thoughts

WordPress informs me that this is my five-year blogging anniversary! Five whole years since I decided to make a weirdly-named website that I definitely wouldn’t share with any of my friends…I’m pretty sure the first time anybody read it (anybody that was actually looking for my blog, that is) was because I mentioned to my […]

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