Skiing, marching, skiing again

Here’s a very brief summary of my last six weeks: finished the fall semester (not even going to try to recap that), went home, Zach arrived, had roommate Kristine over for a few days before Christmas and went downhill skiing (and helped her get some exposure therapy for her fear of dogs), woke up Christmas […]

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Dusting off the ol’ soapbox

If you’re not interested in a little social justice-y rant, I invite you to otherwise educate yourself by watching MinutePhysics on Youtube. Here’s a good video explaining antimatter. Actually, no. If you’re not interested in social justice, you should read this, because I’m going to try to explain why you should be. Guys, gals, students (particularly […]

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My problem with Dangerous Women

Warning: some spoilers for one story in Dangerous Women. When I saw, last December, that an entire mixed-genre anthology of stories called Dangerous Women was coming out, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois, I was really excited. Here’s the promise of the anthology, from Dozois’ introduction: Here you’ll find no hapless victims…you will find sword-wielding women […]

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