Taking time for something good

I felt guilty going cross-country skiing today, instead of going to Copley Square or Logan Airport to protest Trump’s most recent outrage against American ideals and common decency (that would be the executive order on Friday targeting refugees and immigrants from select Muslim-majority countries…he’s done some horrifying stuff since then, but few people seem to have noticed). But taking some quiet time in the woods with just me, the wind, a few birds, and light snowfall helps me remember why this Earth and everyone on it are worth fighting for.

Among my many privileges, I attend a university that funds its Nordic ski club, making a day trip to NH for skiing actually affordable. I decided to repay that debt by donating the money I would have spent on this trip to the ACLU. Next time I do it, it’ll probably be the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. That would have been more thematically relevant, I suppose, but the ACLU just did a good thing.

It’s been a hell of a week (plus a day and half), and there are many more to come in the next four years. Please take some time for self-care, whatever that means to you. Then get back out there and keep fighting.


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