Recipe: Tomato-sausage risotto

Risotto has been a family favorite dish for a long time, and this version is a great way to use Dad’s homegrown tomatoes (many of which he chops up and freezes in quart bags for year-round use). I liked this version so much that I put in in my family recipe compilation cookbook! Tomato and […]

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Recipe: Gingerbread hot cocoa

Yet another recipe from the past that I never posted because I was hung up on not having a picture. Guess what? It looks like hot cocoa. Please forgive the lack of photographic evidence and treat yourself. It’s very hyggelig. Gingerbread Hot Cocoa Yield: 1 mug Adapted from: my previous versions of hot cocoa. 3 […]

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Recipe: Bibimbap sauce (gluten free)

Last winter break (yeah, I’m really backlogged in the recipe draft department), we made some great bibimbap-inspired rice bowls for dinner one night, with brown rice, thinly-sliced vegetables and beef, and kimchi, of course. Since most brands of bibimbap sauce and gochujang┬áhave wheat in them, I had to make up my own sauce using gochugaru, […]

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