Recipe: Fluffernutter toast

This is practically not a recipe, just a whim inspired by the delightfully-named, almost-official state sandwich of Massachusetts. I was getting more peanut butter at the grocery store and saw marshmallow fluff in the same aisle for 50 cents a jar. I first saw fluffernutters (if you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich) on sale in the fridges in the Dartmouth dining halls, but thought they sounded kind of gross; besides, few sandwiches benefit from being mass-produced and left to sit in a fridge for several days.

After looking up several fluffernutter recipes that called for microwaving the sandwich or cooking it on the stove to melt the fluff, I though my toaster oven would do the same job.

Boy, was I wrong. It did so much more.20160709_093230.jpg

Instead of the saggy, goopy mess I was expecting on top of my peanut butter and banana toast, I found a delicious, perfectly-caramelized s’mores-esque treat. (No credit is due to me for this; I just left it in the toaster and came back when it was done, with no idea what level of browning to expect.) I was anticipating that it would be too sweet, but it was actually just right for my taste. The only improvement I can think of would be to swap out the peanut butter for Nutella to make it an actual s’mores toast type of thing.

Totally worth the extra 50 cents.

Fluffernutter Toast

Yield: 1 piece of toast.

1 piece of bread (I used gluten-free whole grain)
2 tsp-1 Tbsp peanut butter
Sea salt (optional)
1/2 banana, sliced (optional)
2-3 Tbsp marshmallow fluff

In a toaster oven, very lightly toast bread until barely browned, but slightly stiff. (Optional step, but it helps the toast hold up to spreading multiple layers of stuff on it.) Spread peanut butter to fully cover the toast, then lightly sprinkle with sea salt (skip this if your peanut butter has salt in it already). Lay banana slices over peanut butter in a single layer. (I guess you could skip this too, if you don’t like banana, but you may want to replace it with a thin drizzle of honey.) Spread fluff in a layer about 1/3-inch thick over the top; this may require several tries.

Return to toaster oven and toast until fluff has melted a bit and browned on top. Remove and enjoy immediately.

S’mores variation: use whole-wheat toast (for the graham cracker flavor) and substitute Nutella for the peanut butter.

“Double delight” variation: use peanut butter and fill the spaces between the banana slices with chocolate chips.


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