Just a couple of things…

A quick life update:

  • I finished up a few (hopefully) last experiments after the conference in Leeds, and now I’m working on writing stuff up! So far, this has mostly taken the shape of reading other people’s papers and theses, as well as a fair bit of so-far-unsuccessful wrestling with LaTeX on my work computer. The whole thing seems daunting now, but at least from undergrad I know that thesis writing was much scarier before I started than while I was actually working.
Pretty pictures!
Pretty pictures!
  • Lots of fun cooking recently, from Easter cake to Friday Seminar cake, from a chili-spiced vegetable soup to a lovely pasta bake. (Hooray for shameless plugs…) There’s a charity bake sale coming up at the Cavendish in a few weeks, so I’m trying to decide whether a midweek batch of cupcakes or cookies would be too much work or some welcome stress relief.


  • Currently reading: A Slip of the Keyboard, a collection of nonfiction by the late, estimable Terry Pratchett. It’s nice to read his stuff again, after a bit of a break, but a lot of it is speeches and prefaces and things that tend to blur together after a while, so I’m breaking it up with…


  • A Stranger in Olondria, by Sofia Samatar. It’s got a bit of a slow start (I’m on chapter 3), but it’s very well-crafted. I love the rich descriptions and the building tension/mystery about the distant land of Olondria through all the little details the author provides. The narrative is peppered with tantalizing hints that raise more questions than they give answers, while at the same time managing to give a vivid sense of place and culture. I can’t say I’m compelled to sit down and devour the whole thing as quickly as possible, like I tend to do with A Song of Ice and Fire books (for instance), but I’m looking forward to savoring more of it at bedtime over the next few weeks.
More pretty pictures! (Lab isn't very photogenic, okay?)
More pretty pictures! (Lab isn’t very photogenic, okay?)
  • Currently listening to a lot of: On Point, a radio show from WBUR (Boston NPR station). I really appreciate that it two different topics in two hours each weekday, so it’s easy to find segments to listen to that are both timely and of interest to me. I also admire Tom Ashbrook’s skill as a moderator, playing guests and callers with very different viewpoints off each other. The sometimes-kooky callers are another highlight.

Well, that’s about it from windy, sunny, spring-time Cambridge!

My window is the one at the top left!
My window is the one at the top left!

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