Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thanks Mom!
Thanks Mom!

I don’t have much of an update for the past week, since I don’t feel like I did very much (work, running among the lovely trees that are starting to blossom here, having what feels like a sinus infection, discovering that the PBS NewsHour gets put up on Youtube right after it airs…) out of the ordinary. What I did do, I completely failed to take pictures of…so I can tell you that the Godfather-themed Guest Night dinner was fun, and that the ladies of the house went out for Indian food at Cocum on Sunday and had some very enjoyable conversation…but there are no pictures to make it more interesting. (I also failed to make pie on Pi Day, but my oven was broken, so I have an excuse.)

After my mom sent me some shamrock-y socks along with some paperwork from Harvard, she asked me if people in the UK celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You might be surprised that the answer is…nope! At least, not nearly as much as people do in the USA. I asked some of my English labmates, and the consensus was basically that some pubs do a special on Guinness, and people (*cough* undergrads *cough*) tend to use it as an excuse to go out drinking, but it’s really not a big deal. Apparently St. George’s Day (the English equivalent) doesn’t get much love either.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Ireland, on the other hand, are a whole different story…but I’m not there. Wherever you are, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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