Recipes to make/try while home

This is mostly a note to myself, but maybe other readers of the blog can find some cooking inspiration here as well. I basically was trying to think of things that require ingredients or equipment that I don’t have in Cambridge, are seasonally appropriate, and/or would be good for a family or party but I don’t want to make just for myself. Hopefully, having a few dinner ideas written down will alleviate some of the holiday cooking stress on my parents (especially if I’m the one doing the cooking) and keep us eating a varied and healthy-ish diet while we’re all together.

To the list!

Apple Oat Scones from Green Kitchen Stories, because I meant to make them before I left for Cambridge but ran out of time.

Grandma’s pecan cinnamon rolls…recipe hopefully to follow! I remember my household happily receiving a tray of these arranged in a pine tree shape a day or two before Christmas when we lived across the street from my grandparents, and I’d love to make a spelt version to eat after we open our stockings on Christmas morning.

Yeast-risen waffles (my recipe!) because they are probably my favorite sweet breakfast item…though they are also good toasted as a base for savory ingredients.

Honey Oat Beer Buns from The Bojon Gourmet, because I think they would be great with pulled pork and onions from the slow cooker, one of my mom’s most delicious recipes.

On the subject of The Bojon Gourmet, these nibby chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with pecans look pretty fantastic.

More cookie inspiration, this time in healthy-ish bar form: Citronlimette’s Fresh Cranberry Oatmeal Bars.

Keeping the “healthy but not un-tasty” theme, these Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies sounded intriguing. I usually find pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to be insufficiently spiced and somehow overly greasy and too dry at the same time, but hope springs eternal.

I bookmarked these Chocolate-Hazelnut Drop Cookies because I thought they sounded like a good recipe to make for a party or gift…but also, they’re an excuse to buy Nutella.

Taking a break from cookies, Tomato and Sausage Risotto from Smitten Kitchen would be a great way to put some of my dad’s tomato bounty to use.

Another dinner idea that’s been a favorite in the past: quiche with lots of vegetables and a hash brown crust. This recipe is a good approximation, but I’ll post my own if we end up making it.

Bibimbap! One of my favorite Korean recipes. Green Kitchen Stories has an interesting take. I could theoretically make this in Cambridge, but I’m pretty sure there’s already gochujang in the fridge at my house in SLC.

Something with black beans, because they’re so difficult to find in the UK. My best idea at the moment is this recipe for chicken mole chili (mole, by the way, is one of my all-time favorite Mexican foods…unfortunately, most mole sauces contain breadcrumbs, so I can’t eat them anymore 😦 ).

Okay, I totally won’t make these because there’s no way I’ll get the motivation to make a sourdough starter and use it for anything other than sourdough…but don’t The Bojon Gourmet’s sourdough apple-oat pancakes with aged cheddar and bacon sound amazing?

Finally, my two favorite items in the care packages my mom sent my brothers and me during undergrad: ginger pear sauce and biscotti (like these, but without the white chocolate). I could probably figure out the sauce on my own, but I’ve never made biscotti before, and I’d rather she show me how she does both so I can be sure to do it right.


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