In transit

Sitting in the Atlanta airport right now, extremely grateful for 2-hour connections (so I had time to get off the train a few terminals early and stretch my legs walking to my gate), gate-check-to-your-final-destination (allowing me to walk around carrying just my purse, a small backpack, my Moosilauke Ravine Lodge hoodie, and the bike helmet bouncing against the back of my leg), great tomatoes (I took a last taste of SLC along for dinner), and my awesome friends and family (self-explanatory, I hope. But special thanks for making waffles this morning, Mom). Less grateful for the people right behind me at the gate playing “Get Lucky” quite loudly, the fact that it is nearly 3 AM in London right now and I haven’t eaten dinner yet,  and my own failure to request gluten-free meals from Delta in a sufficiently timely fashion (hence packing my own dinner…but that is probably a plus, really).

I might get bored at Heathrow while waiting for my coach to Cambridge and write something else there, but I’ll probably be finishing Fahrenheit 451 (it’s pretty good so far) or starting one of the many other books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t made time for in the past few weeks. For now, this is my last post in the USA, and I’ll be writing next from England!


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