Cool words

Just wanted to share a cool (for a very particular definition of cool) website I found a while ago and have been browsing sections of occasionally: The Phrontistery, a resource for weird and rare words (the name comes from Greek and means “thinking place”). Here are a few of my favorites:

ipsographic (adj., recorded use in 1817): self-recording

keleusematically (adv., recorded use 1885): imperiously; in an imperative mood

misqueme (v., recorded use 1395-1658): to displease; to offend

montivagrant (adj., recorded use 1656-1658): wandering over hills and mountains

scaevity (n., recorded use 1623-1658): unluckiness; left-handedness

sinapistic (adj., recorded use 1879): consisting of  mustard.

Cool, eh? Or perhaps psychogogic (attractive; engaging interest) is more apt. I found that one on Luciferous Logolepsy, another nifty word site. It’s a little less comprehensive than the Phrontistery, but a bit easier to navigate.

Happy wording!


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