Recipe: Candied ginger

Still procrastinating on making that bread, but running around between hospitals (with my grandfather) all morning and not getting home for lunch until after 2 pm made me tired and reluctant to start anything major. Instead, I’m making candied ginger, one of my favorite little treats. I’m a huge ginger fan, and candied (also known as crystallized) ginger really hits the spot. I mostly eat it plain, but it’s also a crucial ingredient in my favorite ginger cookies, which I might be making soon…

Cooking the ginger.
Cooking the ginger.

My go-to recipe is from the wonderful Inn at the Crossroads. It’s very simple, and not only do you get candied ginger out of it, but also some wonderful ginger syrup that is great added to seltzer, chai, hot cocoa, or anything else you might want to spice up (ginger scald, anyone? Or maybe some scones…).


I’d suggest coating in sugar as the recipe suggests, and dipping them halfway into melted dark chocolate once they’ve cooled completely. Enjoy!


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