It’s been a while

I stopped posting for a while, partly because ski training got too busy, partly because I heard that WordPress had some security issues and I was thinking about switching to a new site. I might still do that, but I wanted to start writing again on a “whenever I feel like it” basis and didn’ t want to bother trying to move all of my old posts somewhere else.

Things that have changed in the last 8-ish months:

  • I’ve committed to going on a Dartmouth Foreign Study Program (FSP) for Classics (archaeology and history) to Greece (and London and Istanbul) during spring term 2013.  I’m considering a classical archaeology minor, just for fun.
  • I’ve been trying new asthma treatments. The first day of official summer training is today, so I guess I’ll find out how it’s doing.
  • Ski season was very disappointing, mostly because the aforementioned asthma treatments did not work as well as I would have liked. I’m trying to move on.
  • My parents got a new dog named Tillie! She’s adorable (see featured image) and likes to jump up on people.
  • I should be doing research with Prof. Chandrasekhar Ramanathan at Dartmouth this summer and fall. He does quantum computing stuff.
  • Speaking of summer, it’s sophomore summer for me and the other Dartmouth ’14s! I’m living in D House (off campus) with the other skier girls (Annie, Izzy, Natalie, and Elise).

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I guess I’ll continue to update with the usual combination of Dartmouth and personal news, stuff I think is important, words I like, and my completely unprofessional reviews of arts/entertainment (coming soon: a discussion of Avatar: The Last Airbender! Spoiler alert: I loved it. Also, A Storm of Swords). I haven’t decided whether or not to keep doing my training log here, in a notebook, or to start using iLog like everyone else.

Remember kids, it’s after the summer solstice, which means….WINTER IS COMING.


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