Busybusybusy. Lots of work. Lots of training. Parents visiting = behind on homework. Long overdistance on Sunday = less time for homework. On the plus side, I’m keeping up with my nightly strength program. I’ll try to update with full training info for the last week or so after crunch time is over. Here’s a vocal word from each of my courses!

Wronskian: a determinant used in the study of differential equations. It can be used to show that a set of differentiable functions is linearly independent.

Huygen’s  Principle: a wavefront can be approximated over a small change in time by the curve tangent to the spherical wavefronts produced at the second time by sources on the wavefront at the initial time.

Devshirme: “gathering in;” the process of collecting slaves in the Ottoman Empire, mostly from Christians in the Balkans and other outlying areas of the empire, in order to train them as Janissaries or high government officials.

[Featured image: Janissaries at the Battle of Vienna, from en.wikipedia.com.]

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