Training: Nightly strength program

After a less-than-stellar performance in the upper-body component of the fall 11 strength test (pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, box jumps, dips), I’ve decided to go back to a variation on my high school strength program. I used to just do sit-ups (or some variation thereon) and push-ups every night, raising the number every week. Now, I’m going to do either 10-minute abs or a sequence of about 8 sets of 15-20 crunches of various styles (“dance sequence”) and 1 minute of plank, then 3 sets of 15-20 “inch-ups” (a variation on squats), followed push-ups (10 this week, increasing each week thereafter), and then stretch. Hopefully, within a month or two I’ll be back on track for push-ups, at least. This should help with dips as well, although I’ll have to do those and pull-ups at the gym. This should also be not so intense that I can’t do it when I’m sick or tired.


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