DOC Trips: Welcome Home

Leading J59, the “Psycho Hiking” first year pre-orientation DOC trip that goes over Franconia Ridge, was an indescribably amazing experience.  Trip leader training was inspiring, helpful and it really brought us together. The H Croo and Lodj Croo shows were amazing, my trippees were great, the weather was perfect, Vox Croo brought us “Tripsgiving” lunch on the top of Mt. Lafayette, Rory Gawler (’05) told a great version of the Doc Benton story, Schlitz on Mount Washington and the commentary were funny, and my trippees and co-leader were wonderful and fun.

15’s, especially Aylin, Brett, Torin, Tobin, Asher, and Catherine, thank you for sharing your stories, interests and ideas with me. It was great to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you around campus this year. Welcome home.

Featured image: J59 + Simba the vision quest hiker. Photo credit to VOX Croo.


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