Training: 6/14/11

We’re finally back on with a training schedule (sort of), and I’m definitely feeling it (in both  the “I’m psyched” sense and the “It hurts” sense. The extra 2 mile, steep hill commute to and from work every day doesn’t help either (especially because, when I got home, I hadn’t ridden a bike since I went to Dartmouth)). Not sure if Cami (Dartmouth women’s xc ski coach) is going to post a plan for the summer, or if we’re going to train with other people from our sort-of broken up club team, or if we’re going to do dryland training with the new group from TUNA that may or may not happen…but for right now, we’ve got a plan (sort of). Enough with the parentheticals, training log time:

AM: 15 min run, modified leg circuit x2 (squats, front/side lunges, skate jumps, vertical jumps, medicine ball throwing x4), 9 minute abs + pushups (total time: 1 hr)

PM: ride back up the hill (20 min), 1 hr easy run/bushwhack near Dry Creek/Shoreline Trail; short abs and push ups



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