Finals: Cold War edition

This is sort of random, but I was reminded of an amusing 1960s spy (sort of) show called The Man from UNCLE, featuring not one but two men working for the multinational anti-Bond-villain (basically) group called the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement, because the United Nations didn’t want to be associated with them (not that it stopped them using a shot of NYC with the UN building prominently in the foreground…). These two men were the dashing American Napoleon Solo and the awesome Russian (well, Soviet anyway) Illya Kuryakin as partners against the evil organization of evil, THRUSH. This is cool because, well, it’s an American and a Soviet (not a defector either, a real Soviet) as partners in do-gooding and best buddies in the middle of the Cold War (only two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Yeah.). It was semi-serious in its first season, which featured most notably (in my opinion) the first on-screen collaboration of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Before they were Kirk and Spock, they were an American everyman who gets dragged into a bioweapons conspiracy and a really stupid ambassador’s assistant. When I was watchin that episode, I couldn’t get over the fact that…that’s Spock. And we’re supposed to believe that he’s stupid. Oh, and Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heroes is in that episode as well. Awesome.

So anyway, here’s some musical Cold War goodness in the form of the themes from The Hunt for Red October (a pretty entertaining movie made from a fairly boring book) and Crimson Tide (a movie I have not seen, but the music rocks).


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