FBI stumped, seeks amateur help

So apparently, in good old 1999, 41-year-old Ricky McCormick was found dead in a field near St. Louis, Missouri. The only clue? Two scraps of paper in the dead man’s pocket, covered in letters and numbers grouped together. After 12 years of the best (official) cryptanalysts in the country trying to crack the code, the FBI has finally given up and opened the case to amateur cryptanalysts. Photos of the two notes are reproduced below.

Personally, I wish I had more (read: any) experience with cryptanalysis and a lot more time on my hands so I could take a crack at this myself. It would be really sweet to solve a code by yourself that the FBI has failed at for 12 years.

If you have any ideas or know of a system that works like this one, contact Dan Olson by snail mail at:

FBI Laboratory
Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit
2501 Investigation Parkway
Quantico, VA 22135
Attn: Ricky McCormick Case

Thanks to The Escapist for the original story.

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