Web Original: Nostalgia Critic

I feel kind of strange writing a critique of a critic, but so it goes. Also, I’ve got nothing on this guy. He’s pretty funny, and generally makes good points, and although I disagree with his analyses sometimes, I can usually see where he’s coming from.

The Nostalgia Critic is the Internet alias of Doug Walker, a Chicago comedian. He reviews movies and TV shows from the 1980s and 90s, occasionally making an exception for newer films. He is also generally negative though, to be fair, the movies he reviews generally deserve it. The main goal of the show seems to be to point out that what seemed amusing and awesome when it came out, or when you saw it as a kid, is often incredibly stupid when looked at objectively, and people only remember it fondly due to nostalgia.

…Sorry, I have a paper to write about translating Middle English to modern English. This guy is funny, check him out.

[Featured image: ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com]


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