Skiing update: Dartmouth Carnival, Day 2

Well, the bad news first: Dartmouth didn’t win Carnival, being swept out of the stop spot by a strong UVM team with 1002.0 EISA points (Dartmouth got 904.0, and Middlebury rounded out the top 3 with 722.0 points). A link to results for all races can be found on the EISA website.

Both men’s and women’s nordic had good days, winning their categories (in terms of points), with Sam Tarling and Eric Packer in 1st and 2nd place (Franz Bernstein from UVM in third) and Rosie Brennan and Annie Hart taking 2nd and 3rd (UVM’s Caitlin Patterson flew into the finish well ahead of the pack for the win). It was an exciting day of races and thrilling to watch a pack of Big Green racers going around the S-turns. It was sad and unlucky that the alpine team didn’t quite step it up to beat the strong UVM alpine team.

Overall, I was thrilled by every Dartmouth finish I saw and now I want to give everyone on the Carnival team a big hug for their great efforts and everyone on the development team  one as well for doing so much work (ok, not all of them did a lot of work, but especially Kirsten Beaudry and Luke Peters went above and beyond).


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