Carnival begins now!

I’m in the process of dyeing my hair bright pink/magenta for Dartmouth Carnival. Unfortunately, due to my own resistance (a little of the reason) and the fact that my hair doesn’t take bleach (a lot of the reason) very well (I left it in for twice the recommended time on the tips, and it still isn’t very blonde), I’m just doing the tips. That was a lot of parentheses to wade through last sentence, and I apologize for that.

Also unfortunately, everyone thinks I’m lame now because I’m not dyeing my whole head pink. To those people, I say, see above. To the people who still think I’m lame and have no excuse not to dye my whole head, fuck you. Or, to paraphrase Arthur Miller, I didn’t dye my whole head:

“BECAUSE IT IS MY HAIR!!! Because I cannot have natural hair for more than two years if I do this!!! Because I ski and have signed myself to skiing!! Because I am not worth the dust of the feet of the other skiers!! How may I live without skiing? I have given you my money, all my free time, my trust, my friendship…LEAVE ME MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!”

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