Music: Two Steps from Hell

Two Steps from Hell is one of those bands whose music you have almost certainly heard, but not their name. Did you see the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2? That awesome song was from them. What about a trailer for the 2009 Star Trek reboot/AU movie. Also them (not quite as awesome, so no link). WALL-E trailer? Yep, they did that music too.  

Two Steps specializes in, you guessed it, trailer music, or “music for motion picture advertising,” as they call it. This means that pretty much everything they do sounds epic, because that’s what sells movies (and games). Some of their other trailer credits include The Dark KnightInception, AvatarHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and Prince of Persia, as well as the trailer for Doctor Who (the new/currently running series, not the old one).  Unfortunately, it also means that the vast majority of their music is not available for purchase, because they only license it to clients (I’m pretty sure they make more money that way). They have one album, Invincible, which can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes (and CDbaby, whatever that is). There are many, many, many more tracks that you can listen to via YouTube. This company’s music’s awesomeness in only slightly diminished by its lack of general availability, and I highly encourage all [single digit number] of my readers to check it out.


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