Sustainability ideas (with parentheses)

  • Eat less meat (my personal goal is meat at 1 meal per day maximum, with some days being totally vegetarian)
  • Investigate the possibility of composting dorm waste (because people have a lot of food in their rooms…)
  • Keep computer off when I’m not using it
  • Buy food in bulk from Hanover Co-op (or Topside), with minimal packaging
  • Shorter showers (this one is hard)
  • Buy local (food, other items if possible)
  • Reduce packaging (no bottled water! It’s stupid!)
  • Do laundry in cold water
  • Take stairs, not elevator (not really a problem around here, but anyway…)
  • Do fewer loads of laundry (to a certain degree)
  • Get involved with environmental/sustainability groups (ECO, SLC, DOC)
  • Wax skis efficientaly (or to quote Bridger Ski Foundation coach Dragan, “We are not waxing tables! We are not waxing the floor! We are waxing skis!”)
  • Low-tech entertainment (books, exercise, conversation)
  • Buy less stuff
  • Vote green!

More ideas?  Have an issue with one of these? Comment! (Do people actually read this?)


One thought on “Sustainability ideas (with parentheses)

  1. Yay for eating less meat! It really is much more sustainable and eco-friendly.
    We should look into composting dorm waste, for sure. I’d be with you on that.

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