Skiing update: Cornell Carnival at Dartmouth

I am aware that nobody reads this blog and therefore nobody cares what I post about my skiing, but I had an okay race at Oak Hill today. Cornell University’s ski club organized their carnival races here because they don’t really have a ski area of their own. Among the colleges with teams there were Cornell U., Skidmore, West Point, Wellesley, Ithaca College, Paul Smith’s College, and RPI. Many of the skiers were quite new to the sport and it was nice to see that people are trying new things, even thought it must be very difficult to start a technical sport like skiing when you’re not a kid. I felt like a had a decent race, not great, but all right, and I’m pretty sure Dartmouth’s Hillary McNamee won (yay!). On the men’s side, my brother Zach (Cornell U.) beat my other brother Todd (Dartmouth) by about 30 seconds. Hopefully the races tomorrow take place in good conditions (it was snowing during my race! Yay!) and nobody gets hurt on the S-turns.


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